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Education and Personnel Development

IG provides strategic advice to the fields of education from K-12 to higher education, as well as personal career development. Our expertise involves services in designing curriculum in kindergartens, offering executive training, and designing the strategy to upgrade the ranking of higher education, etc.

With our outstanding expertise, IG also provides the best-in-class advice to personal development in both education, career development, as well as to private and public organizations in manpower and international staffing. 

Project Finance and Legal Service

IG expertise in business development and the law has offered the best-in-class advice and execution excellence to private and public sectors on merger& acquisitions, capital raising service, private equity advice, target research, complicated transactions cross products advice, and offshore trust, etc. 

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Technology and Innovation

IG's global team offers advisory service to stakeholders on its global positioning and acquiring know-how and know-what in the fields of energy and sustainability, technology and agriculture, upgrading manufacturing and optimizing the supply chain,  as well as chemical and pharmaceutical, etc. 

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Knowledge Sharing and International Forum 

IG's global expertise in research and knowledge sharing has pushed IG to be the world-class body in designing & organizing international forum and knowledge-sharing platform. Under IG, applied research projects and experts in diversifed areas come together to exchange opinions and ideas at IG Annual Forum, study trips, and events. IG routinely organize seminars, workshops, and Forums in both Asia and Europe, across China, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. more please visit.

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Health and Wellbeing 

IG shares its expertise in developing customized programs and advice to public and private stakeholders in Wellbeing and Health. Via IG's platform, our stakeholders can receive value-added health advice across borders and grow better via the world-class quality of wellbeing program internationally.  IG's wellbeing programs are unique due to their integration of the science of nutrition, Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Daoism concept of wellness, etc.  

Target Research 

IG works closely with scholars and research institutions from all of the world, focusing on the emerging phenomena and future topics i.e. international relations, global new orders, circular economy, sustainability, AI, machine learning, cryptal currency, and their relevance to the practice and daily business world. Applied research and target studies are often executed with partners from the public and private sectors. 

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